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Hiring and building a team is one of the most important jobs in any company.

Services and Solutions

We Ask The Right Questions

Its easy to find a long list of job seekers for most positions. Sometimes over 200 people will apply for a single job and sadly only a handful are fully able to be matched. And this is where the hard work begins.

We do the work for you with a metric-driven system – but with human attention to the detail.

When a company awards us an assignment – we source for the best qualified candidates who have a high potential for a good fit. we use recruitment-marketing principles and leave no stone unturned.

We use source-metrics and a number of networks to tap to find these candidates.

You always get a final report and analysis from us once the hiring process has been completed as well as during the process when we hit certain milestones.


Job Postings
  • Regular Postings and Search
  • Postings with Premium Search
  • Subscription Postings for Bulk Hiring
Rates and Benefits

Please note that we do not charge contingency rates and we have no hidden or extra fees, finder’s fees or other costs.  We will work with you to fully understand what that rates represent.   Click here to learn more….

Recruitment of Qualified Candidates

Finding the right people for your organization involves more than checking off boxes on a checklist or placing an ad hoping that the right people apply only to be flooded with hundreds of resumes.  We do not believe that ‘post and hope’ works.

Executive Search
  • Fee-only
  • Source & Search Qualified Candidates
  • Cultural Fit Assessment
  • 8-Step Approach
  • You are a partner in the process
  • Reference & Back Check

Workforce Development

Work Management & Payroll

Blue Canvas is always there & always on.  Their mission is to help companies solve their work management and payroll problems by leveraging the most advances, accurate and easy-to-use cloud-based platform in Canada.  Download more information for reference.

Workforce Development Is An Investment In Your Business

The assumption that many businesses have is that like any other ‘cost,’ workforce development expenses need to be minimized as much as possible. Smart companies realize that their business’ ability to thrive comes from their people. Instead of viewing human capital as a problem.  Read more…

Workforce Development

Leaders of today and of the future need to acquire skills to become more nimble, adaptive, and versatile.  They need “versagility” for today’s workplace.

SmartSkills® @ Work: 21st Century Skills for Success is one of many workforce development programs used by large and small companies around the world as well in colleges, universities and public schools.  Learn more here….

Partners and Collaborators


ThirdQuarter is a candidate service with special emphasis on people who are 45+ and are looking for an  encore career, to start a new business or to navigate their way back to the workforce. As the nonprofit side of our company candidates of all ages are always welcome to contact us.  There is no charge for this service. Learn more here…

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One Smart World partners with Skills Connect to provide 4D-i assessment and works with us to offer coaching, team building and training internal teams to use the 4D-i tools.  Learn more here….

Skills Connect is pleased to collaborate with Blue Canvas work management and payroll services which provides payroll, scheduling and attendance tracking for companies of all sizes.  Learn more here….


Skills Connect is pleased to support the work and mission of The Career Foundation in Ontario.  A results and solutions oriented registered charity has been serving job seekers since 1988 across the GTA.  Learn more here….


Skills Connect and the ThirdQuarter program have been a supporter and collaborator with The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson since 2014.  They have changed the way job seekers look at transition and upgrading skills of every type.  Contact them…


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